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Something or other
The true story of what wasn't
so guess what?????????????????? 
11th-Dec-2006 03:09 am

Saturday night I was reading my US weekly, looking for those infamous Britney Spears crotch-shot photos
when scooby grabbed my Magazine from me, got down on his knee and said,

 "...will...you....marry me?"

I said "Yes. Of course I will" and then we just kissed and hugged for what seemed like the first time.

When I finally opened the box there was a white gold Ring with a Blue Topaz in the middle and 3 diamonds on each side. 
Its beautiful. The most beautiful ring in the world.

Im happy. Im in love. I got engaged while trying to look for Britney Spears crotch-shot pictures. hah.

Its going to be a very special christmas, indeed

for me.

11th-Dec-2006 02:16 pm (UTC)
Wow. You are a very lucky girl. And I love that story!
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