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Dear President Bush,

Thank you for your service to my country
and your efforts in uniting all of us after the 9/11 attacks.
However, in good conscience, I cannot support the continuation
of your presidency for the next four years.
I feel your interests and actions
pose a threat to my freedom, my body and my safety as a
voter, a woman and a citizen of this country.

Mr. Bush
You are fired.

(registered voter and psycho left wing liberal)

Tomorrow, please go out and vote. If not for yourself,
for the people who fought for your right to choose
between sitting at home and participating in your future.
7th-Oct-2004 10:29 pm(no subject)
it's that time again - breast cancer awareness month. therefore, i suggest visiting www.thebreastcancersite.com and clicking on the little pink button, which will give a less fortunate person a free mammogram. it's easy, just do it. c'mon.
4th-Jul-2004 04:19 pm - independence meal by alix olson
It's the fourth of july in denver
and the men are lined up for their independence meal
it's a lonely single file, it snakes around the block
it's a packed up picnic dinner, prepared for those that liberty forgot.
and the bold bombs come sudden above the treetops
like the flashing lights of small town southern city cops
who don't like my bumperstickers
or the state that i am from
but it's the state of my head that mostly offends them
distinctly diagrammed on the ass of my station wagon
and the works of fire take their shape
big blue stars that crumple and fade
it's a super sparkly air raid
the sky hangs false with the burden of proof
bregudging allegiance to a twilight that burns
red, glare of liberation is blinding
and the line of hungry men is slowly unwinding
for their independence meal,
their independence meal.
and the mayor rolls by with the high school parade
same fourth of july smile, same city, same wave,
sucking governor cock in every same state for prison guard positions
spitting out the agenda,
crime re-construction
so now, the new prison is guarding the secret
that the plantation spirit has been keeping all these years
that you don't fool a system by renaming its face
and as far as i can tell we have still got chain gangs
black stripe prisoners right on track,
white overseers on corporate horseback
the exchange rate converted to wages unpaid
Black assets not passed
and white business sustained
yes, the new sharecrop
is the flesh and bones
behind the cell block
and the Wackenhut corpa-prison sits right on an old plantation
birthed right over the slave graves in that soil
a true African mother, but its step-father is Reaganomics,
a barren corporate heiress delivering a lineage of toxins
like the Rockafeller drug laws
safeguarding first offense and strict parole
you gotta do what you gotta do to ensure prisons stay full
so you inject steel bars in those hard to reach places
where poetry. teachers. and reparations should have fit
and you bust the asses of smoking smiling faces
while the assets of glassy eyed coke-sniffers sit safe
savoring their indendence meal,
their white lined independence meal.
how long can a country trip the wire of its legacy
before the alarm is finally decoded
corporate burglars swindling palms caught frozen,
with all of the lives, all the earth they have stolen,
and we know it, we know it, yes
even the suburban skies know it,
in this scrupulous cul de sac of a Century
just turn the corner, the stars are packing up mercilessly.
and i'm staring up at the bombs bursting in air
and i'm pondering the reverance for the ramparts red glare
and i'm wondering how relevant ramparts are
cause divided we stand and together we're falling
on this fourth of july in denver,
i proudly hail the twilight's last gleaming
as i stand sadly white skinned in the perilous beaming
embarrassed and ashamed at what my people have been doing
a progeny of hostages, chattelry grooming
like cattle, like the trade block, like death row
men lined up for their last independence meal
their last independence meal.
it's the fourth of july in denver
and the sky is bursting
the sky is bursting.
23rd-May-2004 12:07 am(no subject)
12th-May-2004 08:13 pm - take it as you will
Devoid of spite
and anger

i realize that the incineration is the only thing
I ever really needed from you.
25th-Mar-2004 06:30 pm - for kismz
who is beauty at its best.
16th-Mar-2004 03:23 am - dear world
Brother Ali is the nicest guy on the planet.

29th-Feb-2004 02:47 am - words of wisdom from holla at 3 am
as we're (holla is) trying to go to sleep

me: so is second base getting felt up?
holla: sigh ... yeah
me: so is third base giving/getting head?
holla: no, i dont think thats even on the chart
me: then whats third base?
holla: I dont know..(heavy sigh) hand jobs or fingering or some shit
me: oh and a home run is sex
holla: yeah, but no one really says that one
me: why
holla: because if youre still talking about fucking bases then youre obviously not having sex. CAN WE GO TO SLEEP??
24th-Feb-2004 12:28 am(no subject)

three cheers for blankets

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